Charlotte Interventionist

Charlotte Interventionist

Charlotte intervention

Over 23 million people in the United States over the age of 12 suffer from a substance abuse or addiction issue serious enough to require professional treatment, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, an agency affiliated with the National Institutes of Health. Of this number of people in need of professional assistance, only about 11 percent ever actually receive treatment. The remainder continue to battle their abuse of addiction issues on their own, most not recovering and reaching a state or long term sobriety on their own.

A person with a loved one laboring under the weight of substance abuse of addiction can gain an invaluable ally through the professional assistance of a Charlotte interventionist. A Charlotte interventionist is a trained and experienced professional that oversees and organized effort by you and others to encourage your loved on to seek care and treatment for a substance abuse or addiction related issue.

What Happens

An interventionist typically organizes what is known as a direct intervention. Through a direct intervention, you and other people close to your loved one are brought together in a safe, nonthreatening environment. During the intervention itself, you and the others so gathered provide specific examples of how your loved one’s behavior and reliance on mind altering substances have impacted your lives. The interventionist ensures that the session goes as smoothly as possible, with the ultimate objective of bringing your loved one to a point at which he or she realizes that professional intervention or treatment is necessary.

In addition to organizing and coordinating an intervention session, an interventionist can also provide other assistance. This includes proving loved ones with healthy strategies to employ in dealing with a person suffering under an addiction to mind altering substances. The reality is that in the absence of this type of guidance and assistance, many people actually end up enabling a loved one’s reliance on mind altering substances.

Finally, an interventionist can also direct you to supportive resources to assist you in dealing with your own responses and feelings about a loved one abusing or addicted to alcohol or drugs. These supplemental resources can prove invaluable in assisting you in maintaining an appropriate relationship with your friend or family member under these challenging circumstances.

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